I think this a half-way of my Vambutai family researching. I didn't know that my ancesstors were Vambutai, or Wambutt. My mother used to say, that she saw a certificate of her mother in law, where name von Vambut figured. I was sceptisch to this.

One day I started my family researching, asked all my relatives, gathered all documents and asked historian Sigita Gasparavičienė to help in this mature. She found very small quantity of documents in Lithuanian archives.

These was enough to prove my nobility. I was legitimized on 11.09.1999. and became member of Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility (LRUN). My genealogy tree was very small - the second page of present scheme, the oldest date was from the end of 19th century.

Some time I was calm, but later I felt a wish to know more about my ancesstors. I tried in St. Peterburg  and very succesful. My genealogist found the large file of my ancesstors documents. I ordered old copies, got them and read dificult old Rusish language, written by hand the whole winter.

 Now my genealogy sheme starts from the end of 16 century. Not only new branches apeared in my genealogy tree, I found new relatives with  help of Internet.

I didn't ever know that I have so close relatives from my grandmother sister Teofile: here in Lithuania and in USA. I did acquiqantance with Marija, my second row cousine. Marija has legitimized and became member of LRUN as well. Her sister Saulute lives in Florida. There are many relatives in USA and Germany.

 One day I became surprised when I got e-mail from Aksel, who live in Latvia. After some explanation we found that he is from Zenon branch, son of Adomas-Jokūbas, who is brother of Antanas. This branch is close to me. I have e-mails from Orinta, who lives in Palanga (Lithuania), she is doing researching and  probably is descendant of Konstantin, son of Adomas-Jokūbas.

 In 2003 with help of Sigita Gasparaviciene we did researching for Edmundas Vambutas, he appeared is from Felicijonas branch. They  with his wife Dorothy were legitimised and became LRUN members. He arived to Lithuania to get his Statement of Nobility Recoggnition, and we became familiar. He lives in USA.

Finally some e-mail came from Sascha Wambutt (Germany). He with his father found my website and wrote me. He is close relative of Edmundas, grandson of Horst.

The last new, recently I got e-mail from Sandra. Her and Sascha ancesstors were brothers although they don't know each other. Sandra started to do her family researching
and send me data to compliment our huge family tree.

I hope that this isn't end. I will find more relatives of my genealogy...

In the German website  prof. Dr. Jurgen Udoph   (Prof. Dr. Jürgen Udolph erforscht den Namen: Wambutt)  explain origin of surname Wambutt:

Litt.: "Wambutas" aus "Wanbutas" : Wan=baden, dampfbad nehmen / But=wohnen oder Haus /hat am Sauna (Bade)haus gewohnt
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